Project Cost White Papers

Project Cost Compliance with ADA and Web Content Accessibility

See how Olympic Systems' products comply with Web Content Accessibility guidelines.

Project Cost Design Overview

Find out why your organization should evaluate Project Cost.

Accounting for Leasehold Improvements

This paper will discuss fundamental procedures and practices related to accounting for leasehold improvements. The information presented here is intended to be used a topic resources and guidance to assist organizations with review of their current accounting procedures for tracking self-constructed assets.

Chart of Account Best Practices

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Chart of Accounts Best Practices Templates

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Direct Costing Model

Project Cost uses a direct cost model, which collects actual costs associated with a project and then assigns appropriate overhead, and general and administrative burdens to develop the total cost of a project. This cost model supports DCAA audit requirements. 

US Payroll Overview: Reclass Labor

This document provides an overview of the Project Cost integration with United States Payroll (UPR) and the ability to reclassify standard labor costs from a departmental labor pool to other cost objectives. 

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